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Post Coitus: A Cuckold Husbands Reaction (Part One

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[ Very much inspired by my friends A & T; and dedicated to all other cuck-hubbies who have had similar such experiences and reactions after words! ] This was by no means the first time my wife and I had gone to Africa in search of both incredible sex for Mara (my wife), but with the deliberate intention of her becoming pregnant while there (and to increase that particular chance, we had timed our arrival in Morocco, to the coastal city of Agadir, to as close to Mara's most fertile time of the month). Our last, and very successful similar occasion, had taken place in Nairobi, Kenya, with… Read more

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Kara's Fantasy

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OK, I admit it. I have a real fascination for a woman’s ass. Not all asses, but nice pear-shaped ones. If I see a woman walk by, the first place I look is behind. Well, maybe not the first, if she is walking towards me, but I will make an extra effort to look back as she walks past me. First let me tell you a little about myself. I’m 51; about 5 foot 9 inches tall, 175 lbs, graying hair. I’ve been married to the most incredible woman in the world for 26 years. My wife is ready to try almost anything sexual that I suggest and she will even throw in a fantasy or two. What more can a guy ask for… Read more

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Cheating on the nude beach

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Cheating on the nude beach I had always wanted to go to a nudist beach alone, but I had never been able to because some friend always wanted to come. So one Saturday morning early, as my boyfriend JC had gone to the summer house with his parents I decided to go alone. I got in my car, kept a towel, some sunscreen in my pink beach bag, and there I went. After a few minutes I reached my destination. I parked in front of a sign on which was written these two words that made me quite nervous and, think about going back the way I had come… ”NUDE ZONE”. I stayed in the car for a while, deciding wh… Read more

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Sex on The Train (Edited)


Prologue Our hero in this story is Tom, a six foot tall, thirty something ex football player, who now travels around the world picking up odd jobs for friends or people he has met over the years. He retired when he ruptured his Achilles tendon but he keeps himself in good shape. Oh, and he loves the ladies! Story Tom has been in Edinburgh for a business meeting. A nice summers day had been forecast, so he is dressed in beige chinos, brown brogues, a white open colour shirt and blue blazer. With his tanned skin, he looks quite the city dapper. His meeting overran and so he is now on the… Read more

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Jimmy! P2

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By the time i had got out of the shower and dressed, my sisters had already gone out, and as i came downstairs and headed to the front door to do the same, my father said firmly "Where you going?" I looked over at him, sat in his chair watching the football highlights from yesterday and replied "Out!" "Not till you've cut the lawn!" he replied back. "Really?" i asked unhappily. "Yes, really!" he said firmly. "Now get on with it, you little twat!" he then said. So i sighed and headed towards the kitchen, and the back door. As i entered the kitchen, i spotted my mother, now in one of her new bik… Read more

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Polite and Respectful Nephew


Polite and Respectful Nephew By: Londebaaz Chohan Felix was over-joyed to get his Driver’s License in the first attempt. He was about to be promoted as a senior in the high school. As promised, his parents put some money in for him to his savings and now Felix had his own car with the down payments and other fees and charges, the car dealers add on for their own living. In less than a week or two, the school closed and Felix decided to go visit his cousin Roger. They were related by way of their mothers. Roger’s mother was the younger sister of Felix’s mother. A drive of about 40 min… Read more

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Rachael ... part 4 (not much sex)

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It was a crazy situation. After spending most of the day having a torrid three way sexual encounter with Rachael – the girl that I had met yesterday afternoon when her car had a flat tyre – and Joanne her estate agent who was trying to sell Rachael’s house so that her divorce could be finalised I was now having my cock sucked back to life by the girls’ mother who had arrived looking for Joanne after she had called her office telling them she was feeling ill. ‘Mmm!’ mumbled Fiona as she fed my cock into her wet mouth ‘Delicious’ was her comment as she paused for breath ‘Last pussy on here was… Read more

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Dead in Tinsel Town


Dead in Tinsel Town The rumour around town was that Lauren Titepartz would do pretty much anything to get the part-- behind the glitz and glamour of Hollywood is the sleaze and darkness of a business and a city that takes pretty things and forever ruins them. There are no angels in this city - but there are monsters. I know because I'm one of those monsters. Sure, I'm one of the good guys but I do bad things to bad people. To them I'm a monster. I come knocking at your door then you better have your affairs in order and have made things right with God. I don't know about those rumours regar… Read more

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My Thai MILF 6

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The next morning I awoke with a vicious piss hard on that was poking Lin as she slept I moved to get up and she rolled over and sweetly asked if I was going to use that on her and I laughed. She quickly got up and raced to the master bathroom in front of me. When I got there she was already on the seat and I could hear her pissing away. She laughed and told me that would have to wait, as she rolled back on the seat to show me her pissing cunt. I straddled her on the seat and started to piss right into the bowl in front of her. My stream was steady and I had good aim as my bladder emptied. Lin… Read more

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Ebony Wife First Time with Black Men

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We have been married for 25 years. We are an interracial couple and I’ve always have had a fantasy of watching my wife with a black man or men. My wife would allow me to fantasize this scenario with her but when it came to going threw with it, she always backed out, until about a month ago. That is when because of the Covid Virus, I ran out of money to pay my employees & wasn’t getting any money from the government. I only had 3 employees, but owed each of them about $1500. Two of them were black men and the other was a white guy. Chris was the white guy, he was tall, about 6’4” , slim &… Read more

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Family Sex Party


[Story] Mom Invites Her Brother's Family for a Sex Party Yesterday evening my Mom said to me, "Melissa, my brother Paul, his wife Cindy and their son Andy are coming over at nine o'clock for another sex party like we had last month. Make sure there is plenty of ice in the recreation room bar because you will be making drinks for everyone again. Your brother Michael should be just about done setting up the video cameras so we can make another DVD." "Mom, can we switch partners this time? Last month I was with my cousin Andy and you were with your brother. Can I be with your brother Uncle… Read more

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TWO FLATMATES DISCOVER THEY SHARE A HYSTERICAL FETISH FOR TIGHTS AND ASS SNIFFING. After returning from the stables, Beth was about to remove her boots and put her sweaty jodhpurs in the washing basket, when she noticed Geraldine’s high shine Lycra cycling shorts on top of the pile. Beth paused and bit her lip. She thought about her flatmate. Geraldine was a lawyer. By all accounts she was shy, dependable and conservative. Boring, in other words. Where Beth was popular and enjoyed getting glammed up with her friends at the disco, Geraldine was happy enough, curling up with a good book. The… Read more

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Electric Blue

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POLLY HAS A PANTYHOSE FETISH AFFAIR WITH CURVY EX-WRESTLER ‘I’m busy tonight, dear,’ I said to Len. He was so disappointed. I hung up and grinned. I went to the wardrobe and took out my pristine blue Lycra leotard and laid it on the bed with two fresh packs of pantyhose, black and silver shimmer gloss. I went to the mirror and carefully applied heavy lip gloss and mascara. I smirked at myself in my black boots, glossy black tights, short black kilt and tight royal blue sweater. Unbeknownst to Len I’d been flirting online with a recently retired security guard and former wrestler called Cliff.… Read more

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Me and Mel and our friend explore further into my

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So, here's the visual. Me and Mel are dressed to the T's. The whoreiest out fits both of us own. Full pornstar makeup (fake eyelashes, about twenty pounds of makeup, both of us have two pigtails) Thigh highs and six-inch hooker shoes. I'm bent over getting just railed by Mel. My face is shoved into my friends (well our friend now) crouch. And I'm fucking her as well as I can with Mr. Marcus. Then I pick up the other end of Mr. Marcus and start sucking it. When my friend sees this, she kinda goes to another level. I mean when I was toying with her, she was getting vocal (one of the things I li… Read more

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My life at the apartment, a wife after game night…

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This happened to be a very exciting period of time for me, I got an overseas assignment to India and my project period was going to take about a month. I’m from the tropical island Ceylon, which was later named Sri Lanka. My name is Shawn 33 years old and 5’11” in height with an athletic body. I always worked out about twice a week at least and whenever I go on an overseas assignment I tend to work out a little more. This helped me stay in good shape for a guy my age. Whenever I travel for a period exceeding 5- 6 days, my company would put me up in an apartment as against a hotel. So as my as… Read more

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So my names Jimmy, i'm in my early twenties and last night i got well hammered with the lads from my local football team, because we won a match, finally. Anyway, this morning, i awoke on the living room sofa, with a heavy head and a dry mouth, and my mother yelling at me from the kitchen. "Jimmy your breakfast is ready!" she cried. I groaned unhappily having been woken up that way and then replied "Yeah. in a minute!" "Not in a minute, now!" my mother replied firmly. "It's going to get burnt!" she then added. "Alright! Alright!" i replied slowly sitting up. It was then i looked over to see my… Read more

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Carmen's Birthday pt2

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Joe and Jerry were sitting in the living room as I recovered from my episode, Jerry on the lounge chair and Joe on the sofa. I came in and sat next to Joe and he looked at me. "Did you like my little surprise?" he asked me "Oh yes dear" I replied "It was fantastic" I added. Leaning over Joe kissed me gently then looked at me and then over at Jerry "You want to be with him don't you baby?" he asked me. I looked at Jerry then at Joe, "Yes" was all I could answer. With that Joe got up and went over to Jerry and motioned for him to go over and sit with me. Jerry came over and sat down and I… Read more

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Sexcapades All Day: Part 1

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I woke up and my uncut dick was rock hard and I was super horny. My belly button was almost full of pre-cum. I must have had some great dreams. So, I used it as lube and stroked my cock until I busted allover. I gave myself a pearl necklace! That was a first, so I got ready for the day. I was feeling sexy and somehow still extremely horny and wanted to fuck some tight holes, or even get fucked by a huge juicy cock. Mmmmm. I didn't even take a shower. I threw on my younger sisters pink and purple striped panties which were very tight on me. They were stretchy, so it was ok. Then just threw on s… Read more

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Mrs. Rose Ayola of Number Eight Privet Drive was in need of a help in the backyard, because it was just to damn hard for her to do what a man should do and her husband just wasn't interested to do those jobs. But, somehow, she could understand. He was at work all day long and when he came back at night, he was just to tired. So, she had to hire someone to do those jobs. Then she remembered something one of her friends in the neighborhood told her about the Dursley's nephew. So, after her husband left for work, she called Petunia Dursley... =.-.=TBITE=.-.= So, in order to get Harry out of the… Read more

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Older Friend


John moved in to the house 10 doors down about 6 years ago, he is a 74-year-old man that would pass for someone in their mis 50s. He moved in with his wife, she sadly passed 4 years ago. I chat to John on a regular basis and help him with his garden and share the od beer over a warm summer night. I had arranged to meet john on Sunday to help out, it was 10am and I arrived at the back door. I knocked, no answer, I called out. The door was open so in I went. This led to the laundry room, there was another door leading into the kitchen, I knocked on that and called out, opened the door. I could s… Read more

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